Tablesaw Station

The tablesaw is the centerpiece of any shop.  I've taken that philosophy to the next level with this one-of-a-kind saw station.

This is the mother of all tablesaw stations.  A simple contractor's style tablesaw is converted into storage dream.  A total of 24 drawers (many 24" x24", some 9x15, and two 15x30" drawers) contain a vast array of shop tools, gadgets, widgets, and doo-dads (I have several doo-dads!).

The ventillation holes under the saw allow inlet air to draw sawdust into the built-in dust collector port.

Very heavy, very stable, and pretty.

left drwropn saw web.JPG (78819 bytes)
reaw drwsopn  web.JPG (48479 bytes) The Drawer fronts are ribbon stripe sapele mahogany.  The drawer pulls are Ebony, Bacote Rosewood, and Goncalo Alves.  Why such fancy woods? Because I can!

There are 5 drawers in front, 6 on the side, 13 on the back.  Another cubby on the side holds the all-important band-aids and other frequently used items.

Construction: 3 sheets of 3/4" Birch ply, 4 sheets of 1/2" birch plywood (drawers), 1/2 sheet of 3/4 MDF, walnut edging, and all ball-bearing 100lb drawer slides.  

Every cubic inch of this station is used for storage. Sawblades stow neatly in a protective cubby.  Custom-made blade mounting studs include a cushioned blade retaining washer and screw to prevent vibration between the blades during saw operation. 

This cubby also provides the perfect place to store those elusive shims.

blades saw web.JPG (50262 bytes)

motor saw web.JPG (42614 bytes) Access to the Motor and belt is provided by a hatch. Try as I might, I could not figure out a way to put a drawer in there with the motor.

Fractions of an inch clearance all 'round maximize the storage of other areas.

BIG Drawers! And many of them.  The entire unit is on heavy duty, but easy to move locking casters. Ohh la-la! rear of saw web.JPG (46777 bytes)

frntleft draweropen saw.JPG (663769 bytes)

What do you put in a 30" deep drawer? Anything you want!

Dust collection is provided via 4" duct to a 1200cfm collector.

In a final act of defiance to wasted space, I created another storage box in the last unused space in the entire volume.

Without a single additional square foot of floor space (an outfeed extension on my previous embodiment was the same overall size), I eliminated an unsightly tool storage cabinet that took valuable wall and floor space.

Mission accomplished.

top box saw.JPG (724778 bytes)

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